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CFA Cup Winner Revisits the Bethel Home


The children of Bethel China's Home of the Visually Impaired in Zhoukoudian, Fangshan District, Beijing, welcomed our CFA-Cup winner Hou Sen in the afternoon. The CFA Cup trophy brought along by Hou not only highlighted the second visit of the club but also excited everyone in the house.

The teachers and children at the Bethel Home introduced to Hou about the history as well as the service of the institute, and gave their regards to the concern and help of our players.

The conditions of these children did not undermined their innocent nature or curiosity. During their interaction, the children welcomed Hou to their classrooms, showing him their learning appliances and toys, and sharing their stories with him. Though surprised by Hou's height and physique, the children still challenged him to play football in the corridor.

The visit ended with a trophy-lifting time, in which the children were given the opportunity to share the pride of champions. Beijing Sinobo Guoan FC are also looking forward to see these familiar faces at the Worker's Stadium.

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