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AWARD | 'Van-guard' Yu Dabao: captain is role model


The online poll to determine the Player of the Month: May award was launched earlier this month on Beijing FC’s official WeChat account. A total of 10,793 subscribers and 6 media representatives participated in the voting. As a result, our captain Yu Dabao was entitled the winner of the award the second time this season by winning 25% fan votes and 2 press votes. Renato Augusto and Jonathan Viera were respectively the second and the third place.


The club’s Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Gao Chao presented the award to Yu Dabao this afternoon and encouraged the captain to continue his excellent performance as a player and a leader. ‘I am thankful for the recognition by the fans and fellow members of the press as well as the collective endeavour of my team,’ said Yu Dabao during the interview. ‘We wouldn’t have achieved the 10 consecutive wins or our current leading position on the league table if we didn’t pull together. I hope we could continue this momentum and finish this season with wonderful results.’


‘As the captain as well as one of the senior players in the team, I should be a role model and encourage the team to work together,’ commented Yu Dabao on winning this individual award the second time this season. ‘Not only do I but also other senior players like Xizhe should share the same idea.’


In addition to the default design of the award trophy, which includes Yu Dabao’s name and number, the Chinese characters ‘Van·Guard’ (锋·卫, literally means ‘Forward·Back’) is also carved on the other side. ‘I have played both striker and defender this season,’ spoke Yu Dabao of his understanding of this carving. ‘I will give all I have no matter what position the head coach wants me to take on.’

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